Editing a Task Group

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To edit a Task Group in Projectal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Projects screen by clicking Projects on the left sidebar.
  2. Find the project you wish to work on and click on it to enter the project.
  3. Click on Tasks on the left sidebar to enter the Tasks view of the project.
  4. Click the Spreadsheet Mode button to turn on Spreadsheet mode on the Tasks screen toolbar.
  5. Click on the Settings button on the left of the task group label on the Tasks screen to display a popup menu.
  6. Click the Manage Task Groups menu item to display the Task Groups screen.
  7. Click the Edit button on the Task Groups screen toolbar.
  8. This will display the Edit Task Group screen.


Enter the name of the task group.


Enter a description for the task group.

Displayed Property

Select the task property that will be displayed in the task group.

Example: If you wanted to display and edit the estimated duration of tasks for bidding and budgeting purposes, then you would choose Estimated Duration as the displayed property.


Turn the Default switch on if you wish to use this task group as the default task group for new projects and when switching for the first time into Spreadsheet mode.  Projectal will use this task group by default for any new projects.

Tip: This lets you create and configure a standard task group for your company that will be used for all new projects.


Click Public to have this task group listed for all users in your company.

Click Private to have this task group listed for only those users that are allowed to see it (e.g. yourself).  Click the Members button under Sharing to edit the list of users allowed to see this task group.

Editing Permissions

By default, when you create a task group, you are the owner of the task group and only you can edit it.  You may want to collaborate with other users on a task group and allow them to also make changes to the task group.

Click the Members button to edit the users who are allowed to edit and make changes to this task group.

Add Task

Click the Add Task button to add a task to the task group.

Tip: Click on an existing task in the list of tasks in the task group to edit it.

Tip: Click on the Delete X button on an existing task in the list of tasks in the task group to remove it from the task group.

Tip: Click and drag a task in the list of tasks to reorder them into the order that you want them displayed in task group in Spreadsheet mode.


Enter a name of the task.


Click to select a color for the task.  This color will be used when creating these tasks.

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