Using a Gantt Chart in a Project

Modified on Tue, 20 Sep 2022 at 10:09 AM

All projects in Projectal have their own dedicated Gantt chart.  A project's Gantt chart lists all tasks in the project as a timeline so that you can quickly see task start and finish dates, predecessors (or dependencies with other tasks), milestones and more.

Accessing a Project's Gantt Chart

To access the Gantt chart for a project, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Projects in the left sidebar.
  2. Locate your project and click on the project card.  This will take you to the project's dashboard.
  3. Click Gantt under Projects on the left sidebar.  This will display the project's Gantt chart.

Saving & Recalling Gantt Chart Views

If you create a view of the Gantt screen that you like, then you can save it so that you can recall it at any time.  This lets you have a set of different views of the Gantt screen for getting different views on your projects.

Example: You may want to have a view so you can see all tasks at all levels.  Or you may want to have a view of just the top level tasks so you can get a quick overview.  Or, you may want a view of all tasks colored by their skill or assigned staff so you can quickly see what departments are required.

After you have configured the Gantt screen as you like, click the Save As Gantt View menu item to save the view.  You will be prompted to provide a name for the view.  For example, "Top Level Task Summary".  The view will be saved and listed on the Gantt View popup menu.

If you wish to make changes to an existing view, then configure the Gantt screen as you wish and then click the Update Gantt View button next to the view in the Gantt View popup menu.  You will be prompted to optionally change the name of the Gantt view and then the view will be updated with the new configuration.

If you wish to delete a Gantt view, click the Delete Gantt View button next to the Gantt view in the Gantt View popup menu.

By default, a saved Gantt view can only be viewed and edited by the user that created it.  You can also share your Gantt views with other users.  This is handy when working in teams or when a company wishes to standardize on a set of views.  To share a Gantt view, click the Share Gantt View button next to the Gantt view.  This will display the Share View screen.  To allow all users to use the Gantt view, click the Public radio button.  To share the Gantt view with a limited set of users, click the Private radio button and click the Members button to select the users that you wish to share the Gantt view with.  By default, only you can edit your Gantt view to make changes.  If you wish to allow other users to edit the Gantt view, click the Members button next to Editing Permissions to select the other users that can edit the Gantt view.


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