Installation Options

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Your company has two options available when installing and deploying Projectal.

Managed Subscription

A managed subscription is where we install Projectal onto your preferred infrastructure hosting provider (IaaS) and we manage Projectal for you.  

All hosting and managed service fees are included in your Projectal subscription cost.  There are no extra costs.

We recommend using Amazon AWS as the preferred infrastructure hosting provider, but we can also install onto other major providers such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

We will install Projectal into a regional data center that is close to your office or your preferred location.  This ensures your users will have low latency and quick response times when using Projectal.

We will notify you when updates are available and schedule to update your Projectal and ensure it is running 24/7.

We will make backups daily of your Projectal data to ensure you can rollback if and when required.

All data is encrypted at-rest and encrypted in-transit for your company's security and privacy.

Your Projectal and its data is never mixed in or shared with another company's Projectal.  Each company's Projectal is 100% standalone (i.e. single tenanted).

Note: A managed subscription is the recommended option for the vast majority of companies.

On-Premises Subscription

If your company is unable to have a managed subscription for confidentiality or security reasons, then an on-premises installation is available.

The Projectal team will assist your technical team to install Projectal onto your preferred server hardware.   To do this, you will provide SSH access to our DevOps team into your chosen server hardware.  The Projectal DevOps team will ensure installation has been completed successfully and conduct tests to ensure the integrity of the installation.

Once installed successfully, your company can close off SSH access to the Projectal technical team so that your Projectal is locked down and secured.

The Projectal technical team will alert you when updates are available and will schedule a suitable time to be granted temporary SSH access to install these updates.

Your company is responsible for maintaining Projectal, maintaining regular backups, managing server hardware and all other IT aspects.

See the associated On-Premises Installation Guide for more details.


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